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She makes no bones about loving him before she comes out and says it in the sequel. The Oedipus is not someone secretly wants to kill his father and sleep with his mother—he's a man who desperately doesn't want to, but ends up doing so anyways because You Can't Fight Fate. Made rarer by the fact that there is no father in the equation. In The Inexplicable Adventures of Bob! So yeah it's played straight-tish Lelouch Lamperouge, the protagonist of Code Geass , has the ultimate goal of learning who killed his mother, and then killing his father the Emperor, whether or not he's responsible. Connor on Angel , paralleling Oedipus to an unusually large extent—to many viewers' disgust.
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Lelouch then proceeds to erase both his parents out of existence. In The Inexplicable Adventures of Bob! In Free Soul , an Electra complex is what drives a good deal of Nikki 's behavior. Are you gonna tell him the truth now or wait until he kills me and blinds himself? If the supplanting takes the form of murder, it's Patricide and Murder in the Family. Even favorite daughter-in-law Taylor finally got fed up with it when she realized that the real reason that Stephanie always supported her in the competition between her and Brooke is because Taylor reminded Stephanie so much of herself.
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Guts from Berserk almost averted this trope as he actually did care and want the approval of his adoptive father Gambino In Our Little Adventure , Julie's big brother quarrelled with their father and left home. Of the girls that the main character a girl named Kei can end-up living together with, two of them are as if mother to her. Jairo 10 days ago the is fucking damn sexy The Lancer of Digimon Savers , Touma, is very cool to his father, Franz Norstein, but is endlessly devoted to Relena, his younger half-sister, and clearly adores his deceased mother. I'm not your dad, and you're not my child. Forrester matriach Stephanie was positively obsessed with oldest son Ridge, much to everyone's annoyance and disgust, particularly her other children.
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You're just a rugged, older man who provided me with a strong masculine presence during my formative years. This comes up in the Empath: He is most definitely not close to his powerful father the Commodore, a creepy old man who is indicated to have sired James through his past rape of Gillian. Naked Transgender Men And Women. Devil May Cry bleeds Oedipal subtext, no shortness of thanks to Dante's hot blonde love interest Trish who looks exactly like his hot blonde mother Eva albeit extremely sexualised. This turns out to be one of the least creepy things about him. In the normal timeline, after Papa Smurf has his oversexed Hulking Out moment, it is resolved peacefully by Smurfette telling Papa Smurf that she could only love him as a father and nothing more.
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